Irwin Power Services, a Division of Irwin Industries, Inc.

Recent Projects

Concentrating Solar Thermal Plant

Irwin applied its civil and mechanical construction and project management capabilities to this first-of-its-kind concentrating solar power (CSP) project in southern California. Over the course of a year, Irwin transformed the remote desert site from a large dirt field into a sophisticated solar power plant that supplies 5MW of clean, renewable energy to the grid.

  • Excavation, grading and site preparation of 20-acre greenfield site
  • Erection of two 150-foot towers, and placement of two 64-ton custom-built boilers
  • All civil and concrete for tower foundations, power block, cooling system and other plant components
  • Steam lines and associated connections
  • Installation of 5.5MW GE turbine generator and all associated equipment and tie-ins
  • Installation of 25,000 solar reflecting heliostats Startup and commissioning

Recent Projects